It’s a pleasure to meet you

I’m a 27 year old boundless lover of European lineage; with sparkling green eyes, a perfect cupid’s bow, luscious jet-black hair and a body built for sinning. I’ve lived a full and juicy life to this point: a gift that’s bestowed me an empathetic heart and an understanding that pleasure is vital to a nourished existence. I personally keep myself well fed through eroticism, creating art, literature, fantasy/escapism, wholesome foods, connecting with nature and nurturing others.

I am a shapely, soft creature. I take very good care of my skin and it rewards me with creamy suppleness for all touching pleasures. I am active in my day to day life— though not one for the gym— you shan’t find a rippling muscle under these hourglass curves (just a whole lot of silkyness draped over natural strength).

As you will see from my up-to-date photos I have numerous tattoos. Don’t let these deter you! While a true Bad Girl when the time calls, I am a polished gem who takes great pride in her appearance. If extra discretion is required on our dates they are easily covered (modesty- what an enticingly hot way to spark the imagination).

A lot of my regular clients comment on how cheeky, bright, relaxed and full of giggles I am in comparison to my sultry, pouty-princess online imagery. Treat ‘em a little mean, get them a LOT keen- is that how it goes? I guess the gentler qualities are a hidden sweetener I only allow those who connect with me in the flesh to savour.

Hopefully, you’ll get to taste them too x