This is where the cute unfolds. All of my eroticness, quirks and rawness I welcome you to view. A plenitude of affections will indulge you in kindness, adoration, a no-judgement space and openness of self. Oh, and an XXXtremely rauchy time.

My GFE is: smooches, and laughing, and grinding, and pink cheeks, and messy hair, and fleshy thighs, and sweaty nestles in chests, and one of us said something odd in the heat of the moment but let’s self-deprecate after a breather.

Are you ready?

30 minutes- $250
45 minutes- $400
60 minutes- $500
90 minutes- $700
2 hours - $900


Look, I’m no pornstar. But god damn I am good at doing all the bad things you’ve only dreamt of until now.

My PSE is: me bending over in the most perfect way where the flickering candle light illuminates everything that is beauty between my thighs, you then passing out from said beauty while I hungrily resuscitate you via your loins.

Well, it’s not exactly that, but basically I take you to and from heaven in whatever the allotted time is.

Hold on to your thong

30 minutes- $300
45 minutes- $450
60 minutes- $600
90 minutes- $850
2 hours- $1100

Please text me if you’d like explicit details of what’s included in these packages^ as

VIC LAWS discriminatorily prohibits me from advertising how utterly divine I truly am.

Dinner Dates

4 hours (2 hours dinner + 2 hours play): GFE $1,300, PSE $1,500

sleepover club

13 hours (min 6 hours sleep)- $3000
24 hours (min 8 hours sleep)- $4000