So, you want to get in my pants, eh?

0451 824 187

TXT only, Cuties!

I don’t answer calls and I don't check my voicemail. 

Please state your name, a date/time you’re hoping for, your city location, how long you would like the booking to go for and what kind of experience you’re seeking with me.


I’m generally able to respond to messages between the hours of 10am- 6pm.

I am available for bookings most weekdays between 11am- 7pm. Bookings outside of these hours will require notice. Last minute bookings are welcome- they're just not guaranteed.

I always update my twitter with dates and current availabilities.


If you’ve messaged (appropriately) and haven’t gained a response I may be unavailable and will respond when I can.

If I haven’t been able to respond and a few too many days have past, I will most often NOT return your message out of respect for your personal life. Please do try texting me again as it suits you- promise I’m worth it x